Work With Katie

  1. It’s Not You, It’s Postpartum Depression.

And when you find out what’s causing it, You can feel like yourself again.

It’s been a year or more and you still feel crazy.

But no one seems to notice.

You’re past the 2-hourly wake-ups, the colicky cries, and you have some semblance of a schedule so you’re functioning normally – whatever that means. And most days you think you’ve gotten over the worst, but it’s still there.

The sadness, the irritation, the fog.

Aren’t you supposed to feel better now?
They said things get better after a year!

Where did your energy go?

And the last time you laughed, was when you were told to nap when the baby naps. As if you can sleep when there’s so much to DO!

Your partner suggests going out with your friend. But what friends? You haven’t seen them for the best part of a year. And going out? It takes about 2 hours to get ready to leave, let alone having the chance to look decent when someone is hanging onto you all the time.

And since we’re talking about partners, you wish you didn’t snap at yours so much because you know he’s only trying to help.

The trouble is, he just doesn’t get it.

No one seems to.
They think everything is ok, but you know it’s not.

But what choice do you have?
You don’t want to take drugs your whole life or even at all.

And just waiting for it to pass just isn’t working anymore.

But here’s the thing, if you get to the root cause of it, you can get better. FOR GOOD.

That might seem impossible right now, and I hear you, I’ve been there.

I experienced postpartum depression since the birth of my daughter in 2014, and didn’t know I had it until she was almost 2.

I had no support locally. My family lived 3 hours away and when I found out I was pregnant, we had just moved to a new state.

On top of all that my husband worked 14 hour days. Throw a high needs baby into the mix and it’s a lot for anyone to bear.

When my daughter turned a year old I wondered how I could continue down this path. I was sick of feeling worthless, overwhelmed, my thoughts were all over the place because I didn’t have time to think. I joined the local YMCA and even thought it helped, the mom guilt was immense. She cried every time I left her and I always rushed through my workouts. I never took advantage of the full 2 hours of childcare.

I was also co-sleeping since it was the only way she slept. I was desperate for sleep.  I assumed my aches & pains were from lack of movement during sleep. I didn’t want to wake her!

Some nights I was able to sneak away and sleep with all the space, yet I couldn’t actually sleep.  I thought I was just on alert and waiting for the next cry from her.

Soon crying every so often turned into once a week, which turned into a couple times a week. Finally, after 3 days in a row of breakdowns, I knew this wasn’t normal. 

So I practiced doing less, self-care, beefing up my support, and stress management techniques with little success.  There was still this unexplained depression.

I became obsessed with everything postpartum depression. And I intuitively knew that there was a deeper reason for it. Until one day, I came across an article claiming depression was a SYMPTOM! This was the answer.  I started treating the root cause of my PPD.  Soon the aches were gone, I was sleeping wonderfully, I was no longer crashing early afternoon, my sex drive started coming back, and more.  I couldn’t believe how much I was missing out on.  2 1/2 years of my daughter’s life I can never get back.  That’s something I don’t want for you.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and it may seem hard, but I assure you, there’s an easier way. When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s so tough to sift through all the noise to figure out what’s true, what’s false, and what will ACTUALLY work.

I don’t want anything to stop you from getting the guidance you need to recover, so I created my 4-week personal coaching program so that you can figure out exactly what’s exactly causing your postpartum depression.

4-Week Private Coaching With Katie

This is a 4-week program giving you 1:1 personalized health strategies and nutritional guidance to get to the root cause of your postpartum depression and support you to heal naturally from it.

If you want to recover from postpartum depression, without using medication and you want personalized support form beginning to end, this is the program for you.

How Will This Program Help You?

  • You’ll find out what’s causing your postpartum depression so that you can recover once and for all.
  • Quick solutions for common depression symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, etc.)
  • Stress Management that’ll speed up healing.
  • You’ll understand how to use the resources and tools you already have to help you through this. I’ll also be hand-picking other resources specific to YOUR needs too.

Here’s What We’re Going To Do Over The 4 weeks:

Week 1

  1. Review your health history and current symptoms.
  2. Determine your future health goals + a personalized plan to reach them.
  3. Identify the root causes of your postpartum depression.
  4. Easy cooking tips to get you started.
  5. Setting up a personalized plan to reach to address each of these root causes

4 coaching session (45 minutes each) via phone, Skype, or in person (local clients – Canton, GA)

Week 2

  1. Overcome cravings and emotional eating
  2. Kitchen and Pantry Makeover Guide
  3. Discover the essential food + lifestyle steps for balancing your hormonal health

Week 3

  1. The painless way to speed up your recovery.

Week 4

  1. Action plan for sustainable and ongoing progress
  2. Identify your core path to easy and effortless health

Throughout The Program You’ll Get:

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions.
  • Motivation, support, and accountability to reach your health goals.
  • Notes recorded during the session so you can truly focus on the conversation.


  • Complete lifestyle plan to continue progress beyond our coaching program.
  • Handpicked selection of resources with recipes, shopping lists, handouts, worksheets, and other resources specific to YOUR needs.
  • And a few other gifts!


Paid in Full Option: $300 (save $50)
Payment Option: 4 payments of  $125

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to stop seeing my medical doctor or psychiatrist if I work with you?

I will never require you to stop seeing your doctor or advise you to adjust medication without his/her guidance. Working with me is a partnership that can often compliment the treatment of your doctor. My hope is that you will be able to share with your doctor positive improvements based on what you implement with me and will be able to work with him/her to reduce dependency on other interventions.

I’m way too busy. What if I don’t have time to add something else to my schedule?

I’m a mom and I get it. But what’s so awesome about this approach is I give you all the answers instead of you searching and searching for months. Not only will you learn how to spend less time in the kitchen, but we’ll design ways to simplify other areas of your life so that everything flows and is in sync. You’ll start sleeping better, relieving stress, gain energy, and get more focused. With over the phone sessions, you can fold laundry, drive in the car, or go on a walk while we talk. This is designed to fit around your life. Those baby moments you can never get back, why waste it?

How long will it take to get over my depression?

This did not happen overnight, so it won’t take a night to correct either. Recovery varies depending on many things; how many root causes you’re suffering from, the severity of the root causes, current and previous diet and lifestyle, etc. The time frame for everyone varies. I can promise that I will give you the knowledge and support that you need to be able to nourish your body for whatever time frame it requires. Through my simple tweaks, most women have more energy within a few short weeks of making improvements.