Tired of postpartum depression ruling your life?

Have you ever considered postpartum depression being a symptom, not your final diagnosis?

As a board certified holistic health coach, I searched for the deeper reason behind postpartum depression.

and found 6 root causes.

In conventional medicine, postpartum depression is highly misunderstood. Many women are mistreated, misdiagnosed, or turned away (because what you're dealing with is just the normal stresses of motherhood <-- Um NOOO!?)

And we trust these doctors to help us get rid of postpartum depression, yet I've come across numerous moms who are still suffering, even through a doctor's healing protocol.

If you're feeling stuck in your postpartum journey, longing to feel like yourself again, then take my Postpartum Depression Root Cause Quiz and find out your root cause instantly.

PPD Root Cause Quiz

This PPD Root Cause Quiz Is For Your If:

  • You've tried EVERYTHING with no success
  • You're scared of the side effects medication will give you.
  • You want to do what you can alongside your doctor's protocols.
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