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I’m Katie E. Flores, certified integrative nutrition coach, cohost of the Natural Postpartum Support Podcast, mother, and postpartum depression survivor… and it is my mission to help moms get out of the funk of PPD.

If you’re reading this, it’s not by chance. You’re here because postpartum depression has taken over your life, and you’re just plain tired of it. (Also, literally just tired!) You want to go back to how you felt pre-baby.

Yeah, it may sound impossible, but you know you can do it… and more importantly, you’re willing to change something in your life, because whatever is going on now, just isn’t working. Which is why I’m super pumped that you’re here. So first things first: 

01 | F I N D  O U T  W H A T ‘ S  C A U S I N G  Y O U R  P P D

Many medical practitioners don’t consider the root cause of your depression. Find this out is the factor for treating your PPD for good. Take the assessment to find out what the root cause of your depression is so you can heal it once and for all!

02 | M E E T  O T H E R  M O M S

Nope, you’re not alone. In the beginning, it can be so hard to get out there and attend local play dates. so I created a community where moms can vent and ask for advice, without judgment. (Oh, and no pants required <– again no judgment.)  It’s a fun, supportive online community designed to bring you happiness through nutrition and mindset. Featuring guest experts, food hacks, inspirational videos, and more. This group is your ultimate self-care. Click here to join.

o3 | L I S T E N  T O  T H E  P O D C A S T

Yep, reading is for people who have alone time. So I’ve got a podcast instead! Listen in on important topics where we chat about prevention, natural and medical management, and nutrition for maternal mental health disorders. Click here for notifications on new episodes.

04 |S A Y   H I

I see you scrolling through your FB & IG feeds. It’s all you can do when you’re stuck nursing the day away, so I totally get it. If you wanna hang out and be friends IRL, you can find me there too  😉 And of course I’d love to meet you. Come follow me @katieeflores on Insta and here on FB and say hey!