Why You Can’t Just Rely On Zoloft To Get Better with Courtney Novak

Courtney came on the podcast just shortly after getting off Zoloft.  She had been on it for about 4 and 1/2 years and on top of that, she officially got over the hump of postpartum depression.  She is depression free and I wanted to start off with that to let you know it is possible. Courtney’s Story Courtney is a proud mom to 2 wonderful kids.  Pippa is almost 5 and it started right away.  At the 3 month mark insomnia started. She had anxiety and started developing rituals.  Although she was not diagnosed with anxiety or OCD, she knows […]

How Postpartum Depression Can Be A Positive In Your Life with Jen Schwartz & Brooke Christian

This episode I was able to interview two warrior moms in the postpartum depression online space.  I chatted with Jen Schwartz, blogger at Medicated Mommy, and Brooke Christian, the found of Flirty Girl.  They both met online and created empathy gone viral, Motherhood Understood What is Motherhood Understood? Is grounded in the concept of empathy gone viral. They’re main mission is to create a social media platform where moms can unmask their lives so they can live more authentically. This was due to a society where the “super mom” was highly exalted and the imperfect mom is unseen.  Because of […]

Options for Healing Your PPD with Lindsay Gerszt

Lindsay Gerszt came on the podcast for our first ever guest interview! She is one of the producers to the Netflix documentary “When The Bough Breaks” and is an advocate for maternal mental health.  I’m so glad we have someone like her on our side sharing this important topic with moms. We asked her a few questions about her journey with her maternal mental health issues and hope that her story can help you. Lindsay’s History She has suffered with depression, OCD, and anxiety for her whole life. At age 5 she suffered from OCD and did therapy for that […]

Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum OCD, Psychosis, & Panic Disorders

  Postpartum period is demanding period characterized by overwhelming biological, physical, social, and emotional changes. It requires significant personal and interpersonal adaptation. Pregnant women and their families have lots of aspirations from the postpartum period, which is colored by the joyful arrival of a new baby. Unfortunately, women in the postpartum period can be vulnerable to a range of psychiatric disorders like postpartum blues, depression, and psychosis. Perinatal mental illness is largely under-diagnosed and can have far reaching ramifications for both the mother and the infant. Early screening, diagnosis, and management are very important and must be considered as mandatory […]

Everything You Need To Know About Post Traumatic Stress Disroder (PTSD)

There’s so much confusion in the medical community with PTSD so it’s no wonder that us moms don’t even realize that it can happen to them.  A huge misconception we have in our society is that PTSD can only happen to soldiers. Other example could be a traumatic injury, a car accident, etc. Some people can even be in denial because in retrospect, the incident causing the PTSD wasn’t “as bad” as a major car wreck.  Yet they meet the require.  We all respond to situations differently, so whether or not you’ve rated the incident a certain way, what matters […]