Protecting Yourself During Family Events

Unfortunately not everyone has supportive families.  There can be family members that we just don’t get along with and so family events can be triggering.  So how do you protect yourself during family gatherings? 1. Know Yourself and The People Around You. Everybody is different and programmed to think differently.  So when you’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, it’s really easy to butt heads. Let me explain.  I’ve really been devouring Dr. Christiane Northrup’s new book “Dodging Energy Vampires,” where she explains how empaths are often taken advantage of, especially by those who are of the Cluster B personality.  […]

Support Is Key In Your Recovery with Kristina Dulaney

This episode is an important.  Kristina’s story is a great depiction of what it looks like to have postpartum psychosis. Postpartum psychosis is a serious condition and if you believe you have it, you need to seek medical help immediately.  With that said, it is very rare. We definitely don’t want to confuse postpartum psychosis with depression.  During the episode, we get on our soapbox a little bit talking about the movie “Tully.” Although it’s great that it has started the conversation about maternal mental health and we applaud them for that, it seems they missed the mark.  Warning, spoiler […]

Healing From Trauma with Lindsay Gibson

I was so looking forward to this interview with Lindsay Gibson.  If you’ve followed with for some time, you may already know that I didn’t with pregnancy loss.  I miscarried at 11 weeks, away from my home and husband, feeling so alone.  Unfortunately, I had some issues I had to work through after the fact and it took years before I realized there was even a problem!  Many moms going through pregnancy loss in someway, so I’ve been wanting to interview Lindsay Gibson for awhile with her own experience of her stillborn son. Lindsay is a the author of “Just […]

Getting Rid of Toxins with Hannah Parker

Hannah’s Story Her whole life, Hannah struggled with minor eczema.  Then about 7 years ago, after getting married and graduating college, the eczema got pretty severe and still wouldn’t go away after all the creams that she was prescribed. She was experimenting with getting off of gluten and dairy thinking she might have an allergy. None of these interventions were working until she started looking into detoxification for your body. Skin issues are often liver issues. So she started giving her body a gentle cleanse by being particular about the foods she ate and getting rid of the chemicals in […]

Why You Can’t Just Rely On Zoloft To Get Better with Courtney Novak

Courtney came on the podcast just shortly after getting off Zoloft.  She had been on it for about 4 and 1/2 years and on top of that, she officially got over the hump of postpartum depression.  She is depression free and I wanted to start off with that to let you know it is possible. Courtney’s Story Courtney is a proud mom to 2 wonderful kids.  Pippa is almost 5 and it started right away.  At the 3 month mark insomnia started. She had anxiety and started developing rituals.  Although she was not diagnosed with anxiety or OCD, she knows […]