Caramel Apple Dip


One of my favorite activities growing up was apple picking and I’m so happy that I get to share it with my 3 year old, Makena. She absolutely loves picking the apple and taking a bite right off the tree. She insists on carrying the bag of apples, and gets so disappointed when it gets too heavy.  But she carries on and we love going to the little market at the orchard and seeing all the goodies.  Of course, in true toddler fashion, she wanted to carry her own bag, so we HAD to get 2 bags.  A little one for her and a big one for us. So when we got home, we had a massive amount of apples.  Even after making applesauce with pounds of apples, we had so much leftover. I really had to rack my brain and figure out what other tasty treats I could use with apples.

Then I remembered how much my mom loved caramel apples and it was always a tradition to have them in the fall.   One problem, the caramel is full of bad sugar and even dairy. So I went on a search to find the perfect caramel recipe to satisfy my craving as well as keeping the toxic foods away.

At first, I had the idea of trying caramel with coconut milk.  I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I think doing a caramel with coconut milk is much closer to the real thing.  And when I started researching, it seemed crazy for me to sit by the stove and checking the temperature of the caramel for 20 minutes.  I don’t have that kinda time. 

So instead, I went for an easier recipe (cause that’s what I’m about) and I got a few ingredients and whipped it up in the food processor.  It was ready in 5 minutes. Maybe more if your soaking the dates. 

And so you feel a little bit better eating these scrumptious apples, let’s break down some of the ingredients and the health benefits.

Apple: Epstein Barr Virus can be a root cause for moms struggling with postpartum depression.  If you are dealing with EBV, apples are great to add to your diet by reducing the viral load in your body. They’re also full of phytochemicals which is a great brain food! It feeds your neurons and increase electrical activity. Another root cause for PPD is heavy metals and toxins.  Apples can help in the detoxification process. And let’s not forget about postpartum anxiety.  A key factor in helping keep your anxiety at bay is hydration and apples are hydrating on a deep, cellular level. 

Dates: Dates are also great for those dealing with heavy metals and toxins. They bind onto, destroy and sweep away heavy metals. Many are afraid of sugar, but if you’re dealing with liver issues, as most moms dealing with postpartum depression are, dates deliver glucose to deliver, which is vital to your recovery. Dates are full of minerals that support your adrenal glands which are usually in need of help after childbirth. 

Caramel Apple Dip
Serves 2


  • 12 dates, soaked for 30 minutes for a better texture
  • 2 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1-2 Tbsp. of water (I used that water I soaked the dates in)
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  • pinch of salt


Add all ingredients to the food processor until you get your desire consistency.  Add a little water at a time until you get the texture of caramel you want. Enjoy!

I Wanna Hear From You?

What are some of your favorite fall traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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