Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Y’all, when I gave up eggs for breakfast, I was like “WTF am I supposed to eat?” My go-to weekend breakfast was eggs, bacon, and potato.  But as I practice a more plant-based diet, all I can really have now is potato.  So what’s a girl to do? I knew oatmeal was an option, but I never grew up eating it because whenever I had it, it was so bland.  So if you’re reading this and thinking of skipping over it because it’s just another oatmeal recipe, I beg you to give this one a try.  Especially if you love […]

Everything You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

There’s a lot more to postpartum depression than what fits this post.  But I wanted to give you a general idea of what it’s about and offer it here to empower you. Figure out what parts you relate to and either talk to your healthcare provider about anything that resonates with you or even do some further research on your own to know what’s going on with your body. Why The Misunderstanding? Statistically, 20-25% or 1 in 4 moms experience postpartum depression if we’re only going to focus on that for the sake of this post.  First off, the biggest […]

How To Implement A Morning Routine With Kids

The phrase “morning routine” is such a buzz word in the health & wellness world.  I even hear spiritual coaches talk about it.  You hear these coaches talk about their 3 hours morning routine where they meditate for a half hour, workout for an hour, pick some produce from the garden to make a green smoothie, and other ridiculous things that a normal human being couldn’t possibly do.  As much as I loved the thought of a morning routine, I had a clingy 2 year old that demanded my attention. I could wake up earlier than her, and on most […]

Banana Pancakes

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  And I can definitely load up on the bad stuff: pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, french toast, etc.  Those by far are my guilty pleasures.  But it’s so much freaking sugar and for someone who is trying to be more conscious of how I’m eating, it can be hard to resist. But that’s why you love me right?  I never tell you that you can’t have those indulgences and cravings.  If you want it, then have it, just be wiser about […]

6 Components You Need For Making The Most Delicious & Filling Salad

Ok, so this may seem like a really easy thing to do, but in the past, I’ve made salads that leave me hungry like an hour later.  Not cool!  Also, for some reason I like salads that I can get out at restaurants way more than when I make it at home.  Why is that?  Or is that just me? So if this sounds like you at all, then this post is for you.  When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that every salad should contain specific ingredients.  They not only make it taste great, but it’ll […]